A new take on to our local produces.

Walk into the first ever thematic restaurant in town, Genesis Café, at Panipokhari, Kathmandu.Mr. Ateet Shrestha, a bike enthusiast and co-founder of Bikerzaus Nepal partnered with Saujan Man Pradhan represents Genesis, the restaurant in the most intellect way. A totally modern lifestyle assessed with the traditional produces and stories brought in to their menu.

1. Mexican Spiced Fried Chicken Strips and Honey Mayonnaise

Genesis recommends their chicken strips marinated with own kitchens Mexican flavor as the best starter choice. The tender chicken strips fried with the right amount of flour with hints of basic salt, pepper, onion powder, cumin. The fried chicken is served with their secret recipe homemade honey mayonnaise.. The homemade dip has to be the winner of this dish because it makes each bite tangy, sweet with a hint of spice. The cost of this light snack is Rs. 380.







2. Genesis Hamburger

The star of the night is their hamburger. The very first bite is enough to let you know why this is the best-seller in genesis. This tall chow down burger has the best prime grilled buff patty, bacons, tomatoes, lettuce, chilli jam, mustard, mayonnaise and cheese. This is served with their homemade potato wedges. The cost of this delicious burger is Rs. 540.










3. Pork Belly

Another most top rated dish is pork belly tender. The pork belly will simply melt in your mouth. Pork belly is bought from Dharan. It is cooked twice served with mash cauliflower, cabbage relish, and juniper jus and wild rocket. Juniper is some kind of spice that compliments pork wholly which genesis imports. The palate is defined by the taste of each ingredient and the crispy pork skin is a treat. The cost of this dish is Rs. 890.